5 Simple Statements About imr 8208 xbr review Explained

5 Simple Statements About imr 8208 xbr review Explained

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We loaded up two rounds at Every charge pounds, starting off with the Hodgdon’s advised starter load for the 155gr Sierra HPBT, as found in Hodgdon’s on line Reloading Info Center. (There was no load mentioned for your one hundred fifty five.5gr Berger). It’s excellent that we started out reduced simply because we saw immediately that both of those the 8208 XBR along with the H4895 ended up yielding way more velocity, grain for grain, than Varget.

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consistency properties. You may use the cost, solution description and reviews that may help you decide which a single is ideal for you. When you want a lot more bullets, the version number will let you reorder exactly the same bullets consistently.

Immediately after chronographing the velocity of The 2 hundreds, I put in place the wind flags and shot one particular group with Each and every variety. Using the Federal primer, I received a 0.142 team as well as Wolf-primed rounds printed a 0.206. This barrel has served its time which is now Prepared for retirement…if you really know what I imply.

What i am intending to say is While using the gains i see i am switching 3 of my youth shooters more than to this powder. Without a doubt its much better.

We buy bullets from organizations that specialise in this technique. In addition, we constantly carefully inspect pulled bullets to make certain These are in

It seems to be incredibly promising in truth. Again thank click here you for the time you took to obtain a detailed have a look at this. I dont reload but will attempt to borrow a mates package and find out what I can do. Possibly that or get the organization that loads our club ammo get it done for me.

So to those who planned to see the powder get the job done and what it had been performing you have the outcome. To people who think it had been a waste of your time sorry for throwing away couple minutes of the so useful time.

With Lapua brass and Varget we ran in need of case capacity when seating bullets to mag-length, and the best precision came at about 2860 fps, perfectly underneath competitive Palma velocities.

The benefit of this powder to alot is The truth that is secure in alot of temps. Its an extremely clean powder. Its an extremely consumer friendly powder.

I nonetheless have not been capable of finding any of the powder. Evidently not Anyone might get it and those who do provide it out immediately. It really is like you must be at The shop when UPS provides it.

I are reloading my own ammo given that 1972 and luxuriate in it as being a interest and as a method to enable improve my shooting. I also have some masses with various powders that may go .5" or considerably less, but I am working on seeking to get All those groups to come around on a far more common basis. I've utilized IMR-4064, H-4895, RL-15 and Varget. Introducing IMR-8208-XBR to this listing is not going to damage a detail and could just aid to attain my goal.

Double-foundation powders melt away faster than solitary-foundation powders of exactly the same form, even though not as cleanly, and normally the higher the nitroglycerin written content of the powder, the more quickly the burn up fee.

The answer to the above mentioned concern is Indeed. I've previously ordered a scenario of 4 eight# jugs from my regional provider.

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